Monday, February 21, 2011

Visiting Grandma Vicky

Last week, for the fourth consecutive week, Kristoffer was out of town over night for work. This time he headed north across the border...totally breaking our "not-visiting-a-foreign-country-until-we-visit-all-50-states" rule! Instead of staying home this time, the boys and I decided to go visit Grandma Vicky for a couple days. What a nice perk of living close!! We got to her house late Tuesday morning, while she was still at work, and the boys wasted no time coming up with their own games. A favorite game has always been crawling/jumping/falling down the two stairs that are between the living room and dining room. This time to add a little more excitement to it, Karter decided to make a pile of bears to land in. If you know my mom, you know she has hundreds of bears, and most of them are forbidden to touch...but I thought it was hilarious that they decided to rough up the bears a bit...don't tell Grandma Vicky!!!

Kaden was not to be left out in the wallowing!

These two do love to wallow things!!

Every time Karter would jump he would say, "Here comes Karter into the bear pile!!" We laughed A LOT!!

When you aren't used to having two destructive active little boys around, you have things laying around that maybe don't make the best toys. Case in point, mom's ceramic coasters! These two can turn anything into a game of hot dog spikes, regardless of how breakable an object may be!!

Tuesday evening it was so beautiful out, so we decided to take a little walk before dinner. I had Karter hold Rascal's leash while I was getting the stroller out of the van. When I was finished he was pretty insistent that he hold the leash during the walk. To avoid some tears I gave in, not remembering that this was Rascal's first walk of the season and he would be a crazy puppy. About 3 steps into the walk Rascal takes off and lays Karter out flat!! Most people would let go of the leash, but our poor little guy thought he was doing the right thing by hanging on so tightly! He stood up and was covered from head to toe with mud. He was pretty upset and when he finally calmed down enough to tell me why, he said he was mad because his hands were dirty!! Seriously have mud EVERYWHERE and you are worried about your hands! I wiped his hands off and started to head back inside, but he really wanted to go for a walk. Grandma Vicky gave him her coat and we were off again...this time I held onto the leash!


Gramaw T said...

Nothing is safe, Grandma Vicky ...and no boys are cuter!!! So I guess it's a pretty good trade-off... Looks like a fun time at Grandma Vicky's!

Kara said...

Oh these boys make me laugh!

Grandma Vicky said...

It was a great visit and how can you deny sharing your bears with those cute faces? Can't wait for the next visit....maybe without the mud!

Kyler said...

Glad you were able to visit while Kristoffer did clearly violate a major rule...