Thursday, September 22, 2011

Handsome Face

This morning has been kind of a lazy morning...if you can count baking and icing 6 dozen cookies by 9:30am lazy! I mean lazy in the fact that we don't have anywhere to go...all day! Usually we are running out the door to get to the Y or to BSF every morning, but today I knew I had an order of cookies I needed to do, so we have been hanging around all morning. In fact, we are still in our PJ's (at 11:30)!! We have had a good time playing, and the boys are really enjoying the slower pace of this morning. We just finished up a little photo shoot with Mr. Karter...which he asked me to do, wanted to see every picture after I took it and now demands that I put them on the computer!

He has such a handsome face!! When we used to ask him to smile he would give us a scrunchy face, but now I ask him to give me a "good face" and he looks normal!

He knows how to work the camera!!

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