Thursday, September 15, 2011

Minnesota Adventure - Day 4 & 5

I am finally getting around to posting about the end of our trip....two weeks ago!

On Day 4 of our adventure, apparently we didn't take any pictures, but the morning started out in our hotel in Minneapolis again. After a breakfast of cereal again, Kristoffer took the boys down to the pool so I could get our room packed up. It is amazing what the 4 of us can do to a hotel room after just 2 nights! We were packed up and on the road by 9:30, and needed to stop at our house one last time. Kristoffer took the boys across the street to the park, and I went inside to sweep and do a little cleaning. After about 45 minutes we were saying our final goodbyes to the house and then back in the van for the journey home. It was 50 degrees and raining...goodbye MN!

We broke up our drive home with a stop in Chicago, to visit my favorite brother and his family! We texted him as we pulled into our hotel, and they came out to the hotel to swim and have a pizza party with us. I really wish I had taken some pictures, Karter and Jonah are CRAZY when they get together....cousin love!

The next morning the Tomaw's came back out to our hotel and we all went to the nature preserve near by to do a little hiking. The path we were going on was paved, so the babies got to relax in their strollers.

The big boys saddled up on their daddy's shoulders...

The trail wrapped around an elk pasture.

Too cute!!

Why hello there Mr. Elk!

We walked for maybe 1.5 hours and it wore this little guy out! Just as we were finishing the path, his head started to bob and he was completely out by the time we made it to the van!

So out we were able to make the transfer to the van without waking him up! After a delicious lunch at Buona Beef, we were back in the van for the LONGEST 4 hours final leg of our journey. Even though we had an amazing time, after being on the go for 5 days, we were all so ready to be home. The drive from Chicago is familiar to us, but on this particular day it seemed to be the worst day of driving we had. Our time in the van had Kristoffer and I listening to a few too many "Karter songs" and Wonder Pets episodes!!!

Thankfully Indiana is our home once again, and our time in Minnesota will always hold a special place in our hearts!!!

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Anique and Kamaron said...

The photos of Kaden are precious! Thanks for sharing