Friday, September 9, 2011

Minnesota Adventure - Day 2

We spent our final night in the house on Thursday, so when we woke up Friday morning we were ready to get started loading up the house...well, after I went into Hastings and got us some coffee of course!

I really, really wanted to take pictures of every room before we took down any decorations, but of course I remembered that after we took all the pictures down...bummer! I know, its not like we are going to look at them everyday, but I just wanted to have pictures of what our first house looked like. I also really wanted a picture of our family in front of the sold sign in our yard, but while we were up there the appraisel hadn't come through yet so, so the realtor couldn't put that sign up. However, I am happy to say that our yard is now sporting a "SOLD" sign!! (Mandy is going to send me a picture!)

While I was out getting come coffee and bagels for breakfast, Kristoffer took a few pictures around the house. This is our entryway, taken from the front door. The sconces on the wall are the only thing we left. We thought if we took them down, that the nail holes would be too noticeable. So we left them as a housewarming gift for the buyers!

Oh, the downstairs...we sure did love that room!

The movers would pack and move everything, but they wouldn't take things out of crawl spaces or attics. Our crawl space was full of treasures! On Thursday when the boys were sleeping we pulled everything out. While we do have some things under there that we used a lot, most of it was just old college things that we haven't used/seen since we first got married. It was so fun looking through all the mementos we kept from when we first started dating. It was great to reminisce. Although, if anyone is interested in my old pt notes or random textbooks...just let me know!!

Karter's old room.

We wanted to make our movers job easy for them, so we took everything off the walls and made different piles for them. They were super impressed and couldn't believe all the work we did for them.

A few things accidentally got packed up (Karter's blanket), so we had to make the kitchen island the safety zone for our stuff. (Except for all the tp...that later got packed away!)

I remember when we bought the house how happy I was to have such a large kitchen! I was standing in front of that kitchen sink the day I told Kristoffer I was pregnant with Kaden!

The nursery. Kristoffer and I were walking around the house talking about old memories, and Karter picked up on it and said "Mommy, this is where you used to rock me to sleep." Then he wanted me to pretend like I was putting him down for a cute!

We had two guys show up to pack and help move, 2 people in the semi and two people came simply to build wooden crates to protect our fish tank and glass shelves for the entertainment system. We thought it was pretty cool how they come to your house and build crates for moving.

The semi was HUGE!!! The driver has some mad spacial skills and packed his trailer really good. The trailer as three different the front doors (by the cab) was our furniture and elliptical, and in the main back was all of our boxes.

The cab was huge too! It had its own shower, toilet and kitchen...massive!

They sorted out all of our boxes into dolly loads for easier moving.

The semi had a little mover humor on it....crude mover humor!

All of the furniture got wrapped in plastic.

Our house was pretty hectic in the morning, and it was super hard to try to entertain the boys with so much going on. So I took them to Target (to relive our old routine!) and Kristoffer stayed at the house. We brought lunch back with us and then laid the boys down for a nap. There was so much going on around us, but we weren't doing ANYTHING! There wasn't anything to do...the movers had a system and they just rolled with it. Thankfully someone had an open wifi connection, so we could get on with the iPad. Kristoffer also snuggled with Rascal for a bit and...

...drew on Karter's magna-doodle.

Once everything was loaded, the driver asked the boys if they would want to come up in the semi. Of course, Karter was so excited!!

And yes, he is Kim Gray's grandson, so he went in barefoot!

We left the house right after the semi and headed up to the cities to check into our hotel. After a quick shower we were back out the door, off to meet up with our friends Mark and Katie. They had their son, Jack, back in March and we hadn't had an opportunity to meet him yet. He is such a sweet baby!

Karter was pretty fond of his new friend too!!

This has some random story behind it, but it was from their old college it is really hard to tell with these two!

What a great ending to a busy day. We loved catching up with the Hokanson's!

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