Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Minnesota Adventure - Day 3

Day 3 of our adventure started out in our beautiful (and very white) DoubleTree hotel room. Luckily for Kristoffer the hotel had a wonderful selection of coffee in the room, and luckily for me (who only drinks fru-fru coffee) there was a Starbucks in the lobby! The boys started there morning with a few "Karter shows" and some cereal. (Karter is obsessed with Kaden's feet. He is always saying "I just love his little footie, I think I will keep it forever!")

After breakfast, Kaden decided to practice his counting skills. He is getting pretty good and when he wants to, he can make it all the way up to 20! Please excuse the terrible video quality, my video camera got "toasted" and this is taken with my actual camera.

Today was our "fun" day of the trip. We didn't have anything that needed to be done with the house, we could just be tourists in the big city! So, since we live in the country now, we did touristy things...like, take pictures of really big buildings!

And of course we had to get one last picture with Mary Tyler Moore!
(Kaden baby, could you please not look so concerned in EVERY picture?!)

We mosied our way down the Target Field. And Daddy and his boys sat in the golden glove.

Oh family pictures are going to be interesting this year!

What a stud!!

Karter wanted to pose with this guy (some famous Twin...Rod Carew maybe?), but was a little scared to do it himself!

After one with me, he thought he was safe!

Before leaving downtown, he had to stop at one more place...Candyland! It is an old fashioned candy store and Kristoffer used to go by there to get special treats when he worked downtown. They had pretty much any kind of candy you could want...we walked out with our share of yummy treats!

Kaden loved the cheddar popcorn!

After walking all morning, we were all pretty hungry and tired. We got back into the van and headed towards the hotel, with "Betty" directing us towards the closest Chinese restaurant! After eating too much, we made it back to the hotel just in time for our afternoon naps. During our trip the boys had been so good, but running on very little sleep. They would sleep well at night, but for 2 days they had very short naps. So, on this afternoon they made up for and napped for nearly 4 hours! Once we reached the 4 hour mark, we kind of started being a little loud on purpose to wake them up...normally I wouldn't do that, but we wanted to go swimming!

Before we headed down to the pool, I took this picture of our iPad. I am always so leery about leaving stuff in the hotel room, so I took this picture as evidence!

For dinner, we went to Apple Valley and met up with some of our friends, Brian and Mary Davis. Their daughter, Martha, was one of our first youth group members, and later became Karter's first babysitter. During our 5 1/2 years in MN, the Davis family became like family to us. They have and always will be very close to our hearts! Unfortunately, Miss Martha had to go off to college and we didn't get to see her, but I'm so glad it worked out that we got to see Brian and Mary...even if Kaden was NOT in the mood to cooperate with us during dinner!

Before bed the boys had a little energy to burn off, so we let them run around the room for awhile. They came up with some crazy games, but their favorite was hiding between the wall and the bed. Karter decided he wanted to sleep there, and wasn't very happy when we made his sleep in a bed!

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Gramaw T said...

Your boys are just so very, very busy ALL THE TIME!!! I love the photo of Kaden in the baseball glove! Why can't he smile that way in every picture?!