Monday, February 27, 2012

Busy Week

Last week was incredibly busy. On top of our daily/weekly things that need to get done, I also had three cookie/cake orders to do....the most I have ever done in 1 week.

The first order of the week was for a family friend, for her high school cheerleaders. I made scalloped square cookies with their school logo and colors.

She packaged them up and hung them on the cheerleaders lockers.

My second order was for one of my MOPS friends. Her son was turning 5 and wanted a Super Mario Bros. cake and cookies.

I definitely channeled my childhood, watching my brother play Mario, while I was making this order!

Fondant star to put on top.

I stole this photo from her fb page, but this is the finished product. She added the star on location and the Mario & Luigi. She said her son loved it and squealed when he saw it!

The final order for the week was for some friends at church who's son turned 3.

This made me want to do a sports theme for one of the boys...I just loved the grass and balls. The balls are made out of royal icing and placed on top.

In total last week I made 140 rice crispy treats (for good news club), 10 dozen cookies, 2 dozen cupcakes and 2 cakes. I loved making them all, but was very tired when the last order was picked up....and our kitchen was in major need of cleaning!


Jamie said...

You are so incredibly talented! The girls all loved the cookies. Thanks again!

Mama T said...

Whew! We were lucky enough to get some of the rejects...delish!!!

Kara & Kyler said...

That Mario cake is probably my favorite of all the cakes I have seen. Awesome.