Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kaden's Construction Party

Kaden has a thing for dump trucks, well any truck for that matter, but he has a favorite dump truck book that we have all read many, many times (thanks Butenhoff's for the hand-me-down book!). So when it came time to plan his party, it was pretty easy to pick a dump truck/construction theme. To set the tone for the party I mailed out some hand-made dump truck invitations...although, the day I mailed them out we found out that we were going to the Super Bowl on that day and had to call everyone to change the date! We rescheduled for this past Sunday, the 12th.

I love being crafty, so I made a lot of little decorations for the party...pin the nail on the hammer game, road table runner with speed limit sign and a banner with different road signs. For each of the kids, I made them a tool belt and personalized a hard hat for them.

Kado's birthday cake! I made the cake during the boys nap on Saturday, and when Kaden woke up and so it, he said "my cake COOOOOLLL!"

Cookies with personalized tags for each guest.

I actually thought about NOT making cookies for the party, but I'm so glad I changed my mind and made my boy some dump trucks!

Dump truck cookie cutters were sold out all over the internet, so I had to improvised with what I had.

We have a lot of truck around this house, so I used one for the cups and a really big one to hold the plates and napkins.

Karter and Jonah really enjoyed the hard hats and tool belts.

Our handsome birthday boy!!! I had this vision in my head for his shirt, but when I went to the fabric store I couldn't seem to find what I needed. So I used a shirt we already had and dyed it orange and then sewed the two on the front.

Karter kept a running count on how many presents Kaden had.

We borrowed some building blocks from the church and had a "work zone" behind the couch for the kids to build towers.

Such a cutie!!!

I just love this picture of Grandma Lois...she looks so happy and beautiful!

Speaking of beautiful...our two grandma's, my Grandma Ellen and Kristoffer's Grandma Lois!!!

Our first kid's table!!

No party is complete without a spread of food!!

Our handsome nephew, 4 year old Jonah!

For entertainment, we played pin the nail on the hammer.

Then Karter decided it was my turn!

Then it was time for presents!

At first we thought we would be there until his next birthday, as he was just tearing one tiny piece at a time. He finally caught on and went a little faster!

"Yay, a box!"

Excited for some Veggie Tales.

Uncle Kamaron and Aunt Anique sent a book for the birthday boy...which they LOVED hearing Kamaron and Anique's voices.

Not sure how this picture got down here, but I'll just leave it!

The big boys wasted no time listening to the story.

This is so cute of Olivia and Grandma Ellen.

Cake time!! Kaden loved having everyone sing to him!

Happy boy!

Love him :)

I tried something new with the cake, and I really liked the way it turned out!

It was such a great party, thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our special little man!!


We are the Butenhoffs... said...

Awesome cake & cookies!!! Brandon was such a truck & construction equipment crazed boy at that age too... kind of sad when it fades. Wish you guys were closer... I have a box of clothes & such just begging for some boys but I don't have any younger ones around!

Anique said...

Dana, you have such talent! What an awesome coordinated party. So many cute and creative details. Sad we couldn't make it but we'll be around for more to come :) We send our love!