Monday, February 20, 2012

Saying Goodbye, Much too Soon

Last week, we had to say goodbye to our sweet puppy, Rascal. It happened very suddenly and unexpectedly, and we are still recovering from loosing him. Tuesday morning he was acting perfectly fine and did his normal routine with Kristoffer, then around 8:30 when I was about to leave the house he wouldn't stand up or eat his treat in the kennel (one of the biggest red flags!). I worried about him all through bible study and rushed home to check on him. Unfortunately, he was actually acting worse. I took him in the vet, who was baffled by his behavior, and he braced us for the worse. It was a quiet night at home, but we kept thinking about Rasc. I called the vet a couple of times on Wednesday morning, but he was in surgery (not with Rasc) all morning. He ended up calling around 1:30 and let me know that Rascal had passed. The vet was very curious about what had happened to him and wanted to do an autopsy. When I went to pick up his body, he told me he had found a tumor on his spleen that had ruptured and Rascal bled to death.

We got Rascal in May of 2006, just 2 days after we moved into our Minnesota house. We fell in love with our sweet Rascie from day 1!

From the beginning, Rascal and Kristoffer had a special bond. Rasc was definitely a Daddy's boy!

Rascal went on many trips with us...camping trips and countless trips back to Indiana. I'm sure he much preferred the trips we made before he had to be sandwiched between two car seats, but however he traveled, he just liked to go where we were going.

Once we had Karter, Rascal became even more of our protector.

He always had to know where the boys were. Sometimes it was just so he could avoid Kaden crawling all over him, but mostly it was to protect them. He really put up with a lot from them, but he never growled or got mad at them.

Rascal is missed SO much around here. It is strange to get adjusted to a new normal without him. It may be silly to some, but he was part of our family. We miss the jingle of his tags, the tapping of his toenails and I even miss his barking at people at the door. It is nice to no have him barking when we have guests, but the silence means he is not here....and I would rather have him here!

Our vet sent a condolence card, and we really liked this prayer that was printed in it...

"Heavenly Father, Creator of all things,

thank you for having entrusted us with a loyal pet.

Thank you for letting it teach us unselfish love.

Thank you, too, for the memories we can recall

to brighten our days for the rest of our lives.

Finally, in gratitude, we return our beloved pet to You."

Goodbye Rascal Bo Bascal...we love you!!


Lauren said...

I am so sorry you had to lose your sweet puppy so YOUNG. It's heartbreaking enough to lose a pet even when they are "of age"! Thinking about you guys!

Anique said...

Dana, from one dog lover to another, this breaks my heart. I'm so sorry Rasc had to go earlier than we imagined. He was such a great dog and will be missed. At least you were blessed with him for 6 years :) Love you both so much!