Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kaden's Mini Birthday Party

Today is Kaden's actual birthday, but we are busy tonight with youth group and we aren't having his party until the, we decided to throw Kado a mini birthday party last night.

I made some yummy pb & j cupcakes. Sweet Karter is a boy after my own heart and said we can't have a party without of course I made some cookies!

Monkey cookies and cupcakes for my monkey!!

The cupcakes were a new recipe....peanut butter cupcakes filled with jelly, iced with pb frosting and a dollop of jelly on top. SO good!!

Karter wanted to make a banner for Kaden. He personalized with a drawing...a boat!

Of course, our celebrations always include the guest of honor eating off the "Special Day" plate!!

My boys (Kristoffer included) always want spaghetti for their birthday dinner.

Singing "Happy Birthday". Kaden sings "happy dirtday to me!"

He blew out his own candles!!

The best attempt of the three of us together! Notice the birthday boy is the only one NOT wearing his party hat!!

In true Karter fashion, he licked all the icing off the cupcake but didn't eat any cake....and it took him nearly 20 minutes!

Then Kado got to open a few presents. This present is from Karter...a monkey book (that we have already owned for nearly 3 years), since we were having a monkey themed party. Karter is thoughtful!

Daddy showing off our new toy!

His final gift was a package of big boy undies....we are just about to need them!!!

Our celebration will continue today for our annual birthday lunch at Applebee's and then again on the 12th for his actual party! Happy Birthday sweet boy!!


Kyler said...

Those PBJ cupcakes sound awesome. Happy Birthday Kaden!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Kado...Aunt Emmy and Uncle Zach love you!

Anique said...

I bragged on your baked treats to some friends at work!...wish we could be there but we send our Birthday wishes to Kaders!!!