Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bouncin' up and down... our little red wagon! Kaden has mastered sitting up, so this week we thought it would be fun to put the boys in the wagon for our nightly walk.
Kaden loved being able to do the same thing that his big brother was doing...and if you have ever been around Karter when he is with Kaden, you know that Karter couldn't stop touching him!

He really wanted Kaden to lay in his lap, like we used to have him do, but Kaden did not like laying down when he could sit up and see the world!

"Bouncin' up and down in our little red wagon...havin' so much fun!"


Gramaw T said...

OH...SO SWEET!!! Great-Grandpa Kenny would be proud to see those photos!

Jacob said...

How did Deward Tomaw get in that wagon!

Jacob said...

It is Deward Tomaw! I think Kaden is Essence of Tomaw sometimes when i look at him.

Kyler said...

Classic Radio Flyer. Soon, they will be pulling eachother.