Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Karter is at a super fun age! Each day his vocabulary amazes us, and lately his imagination has been running wild! We have an overload of stuffed animals and this weekend they have become Karter's best friends. His monkey and piggy (not pictured) have gone everywhere with him the past three days and he loves to read books to them. I asked him this morning what their names were and he looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "Piggy and Monkey, Mommy".

Another one of his friends is our Target dog. Sunday before church Bullseye was "playing" with the blocks and turtle...and you had better not touch them! Karter got pretty upset when Kaden even tried to reach for them!

Piggy and Monkey even enjoy watching Karter's favorite shows with him. I hope neither of them are scared of heights, because they often get thrown "high"!! It is so fun and keeps us on our toes to see what he comes up with next!!


Gramaw T said...

He is so PRECIOUS!!! Gramaw misses him a whole bunch! Quite the little reader...and Monkey is very cooperative to read to! Love and hugs!!!

Kyler said...

Butterfly...butterflies f....Butterflies Fly! Loved the video and the imagination.

Emily said...

Karter is soo cute! Thanks for the pictures and video Dana.