Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Position

Last week Kaden decided to start rolling over in bed. He has been able to roll from his back to his tummy for some time now, and can roll from his tummy to back, but he just won't! He likes to roll over and act like he is stuck and scream his cute little head off. So last week when I put him down for a nap and two minutes later heard bloody murder screams from the monitor, I got pretty alarmed. I went in and found him acting like a beached whale. I turned him over and he immediately rolled back over, so that time I just gave him his pacifier and left. He woke up 2 1/2 hours later still on his tummy!

Over the past week he has stopped screaming so much after he rolls over, now he just gets mad if he loses his pacifier in the process. I would say about 50% of his naps he is sleeping on his tummy. I have stopped going in to make sure he is still breathing, it was pretty scary the first few times! Kaden is such a ham, he was grumpy until he saw I had the camera!


Gramaw T said...

Kaden is the most photographic child I've ever seen...the boy knows how to work the camera! SO CUTE!!! That smile just melts my heart!

Kyler said...

That baby is growing up quickly! The pictures of the camping trip were great, by the way.

Anique said...

He is so smiley and cute! My goodness he's favors the camera for sure. Can't wait to see you guys soon :)