Monday, August 30, 2010

Saturday at the Zoo

Saturday morning we packed our picnic basket and headed to downtown St. Paul to the Como Park Zoo. We really like this zoo because it is free! We hoped that with the Minnesota State Fair going on that most people would be there and not the zoo...that wasn't really the case!

Before we left home we asked Karter if he wanted to ride in the stroller or walk by himself. Of course he chose to walk by himself! All morning he kept saying, "Karter walk by self!"

The drive in Karter kept demanding asking what animals we were going to see. As soon as he saw his first animal (flamingos), he ran to the fence to get a better look!

My two monkeys posing with a monkey!

The African animals were a family favorite. Of course, Karter picked out Gramaw's favorite...the ostriches!

I love giraffes...and how sweet is this little giraffe family?!

The polar bear exhibit has been under construction for the past 2 years, so it was pretty neat to check out the new Frozen Tundra area.
After checking out the polar bears we blatantly ignored the sign and had Karter climb up and pose with Sparky!

Sparky puts on a good show!

Karter and I took a little break while Kaden and Daddy made a bathroom run, and we spent the time recapping everything that we had just seen. Can you tell this little guy had a great time at the zoo?!

Just outside of the zoo they have an old fashion carousel. Last year we were at the zoo later in the season and it had already closed up for the winter, so we were excited to take Karter on it this year. He was a little freaked out by it at first!

Mr. Happy and I watched and waited while Daddy rode it with Karter.
We all had such a great time at the zoo, and everyone was exhausted and napped great when we got home!


Kyler said...

Awesome day at the zoo. Karter is definitely a good asker...scratch...demander when it comes to what is going on.

Gramaw T said...

So glad Karter remembered how Gramaw loves the ostriches! That child never forgets a thing, does he? Sweet photos of some adorable little "monkeys"! Love you all!

Anique said...

Was the African exhibit extra stinky???...Kristoffer's face says it all! It looked like a great day at the some energy this week for your KC visit :)!