Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Camping at Itasca Day 2

The kids slept great the first night and we woke up feeling refreshed and ready for a morning of hiking.

Since the park is so large, most of the hiking trails are actually a few miles from the campsites. To get to the trail heads we drove down and stopped at some beautiful overlooks along the way.

It was such a beautiful morning! We couldn't have asked for better hiking weather.

We did about a 5 mile hike and saw a lot of beautiful lakes along the way. Much to my husbands disappointment, we didn't see any bears...but believe me, he was looking!

Our hike was right in the middle of Kaden's nap time, so he was pretty fussy for the first mile but then fell asleep for the rest of it. We were pretty nervous that our hike would be a disaster!

After we finished the trail we headed back to camp to eat lunch and hopefully take a nap. Rascal was sure ready for a nap!!

Once again, for the second day in a row naps, were a no go! On Friday we had checked out the "beach" and decided it would be a good thing to do on Saturday, so we changed and headed down to swim. Unfortunately, everyone else in the state park had the same idea and we actually only stayed for 10-15 minutes. People were loving this beach, but after spending a week at the beach, we weren't really digging this one.

Next to the beach was a large playground, so we took the boys over there to play. Poor little Karter started to have some tummy issues while we were there and had a little accident (TMI?).
Kristoffer always has ice cream on the brain and the day before he saw at the headwaters museum that they had ice cream, so being the good parents we are, we bribed Karter off of the toys with ice cream!

This boy loves ice cream!

This boy loves sleep!

We knew eventually two days of not napping was going to catch up with him! He fell asleep on the way back to camp and we ended up having to wake him up for dinner.

Can you say happy!? Kado LOVES the camera (and the camera loves him!).

For dinner we had the classic roasted hot dogs!

To cap off our evening we took a walk around the campgrounds to see how other people camp. Day 2 was just as good as day 1...tune in tomorrow for our final day!
Here are a few videos from Day 2 at Itasca...


Gramaw T said...

This is the way I like to camp... vicariously through you! Looks like Karter is thoroughly enjoying himself! Waiting with bated breath for Day 3... Love and hugs!

Kyler said...

Kids look pretty excited for the trip. The picture of the reflective lake reminds me of Forrest Gump when he is talking to Jenny at the end of all things.

Anique said...

That park is absolutely gorgeous...I am truly jealous! The boys looked like they were loving it...you guys are such troopers having two kids and camping...amazing. Just keep on setting the bar high for the rest of us! ;)