Monday, October 11, 2010

Big Changes

I apologize for our lack of posts over the past week...if you haven't heard, our family has undergone some major changes in the past two weeks. Two weeks ago, Kristoffer was offered and accepted a position as a Buyer for hhgregg in Indianapolis. Within 10 days of accepting the offer we had to leave his current job at Target, pack up our entire house, clean our house top to bottom, find a realtor, notify all of our bills of our address change, say good-bye to our MN friends and drive 14 hours to Indiana...and then unpack once we got here. Until our house sells in MN, we are living with the "World's Greatest In-Laws"! We are almost settled and trying to figure out our new routines.

Before we left MN we enjoyed our last breakfast as a family around our table. Don't judge...all we had left in the cabinet were a couple of pop-tarts!

Kaden sure enjoyed his "last" meal.

Today was my hunky husbands first day at his new job, and I am just sure he has knocked their socks off!!
We will try to be better at posting as we regain a sense of normalcy!!!


Your Favorite MIL said...

We are SO THRILLED to have you back home in Indiana!!! Love you all!!!

Kyler said...

Glad you guys are home again. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Anique and Kamaron said...

That is so wonderful you're back with family with the little guys! It will be so nice to have the support I am sure :) I bet they will love couldn't they???