Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Junction

In Knightstown the old train depot is now used for fun rides for the community. Each fall they have "pumpkin runs" and take children on a short train ride and then let them pick out a pumpkin. Last Friday, Terry and I took the boys to ride the train, we had been talking to Karter about it all week, so when he saw the train he was pretty excited!!
We boarded the train and quickly realized that we would not want to ride the train for long distance, the seats were very close together and didn't offer much leg room...but it was perfect for Karter and Kaden's little legs.

Kaden loved being able to people watch...

...and Karter loved checking out the view from his window.

After the train started down the track, the conductor came to punch our tickets.

The ride was about 22 minutes down to Carthage, and then they unhooked the engine and put it on the other end to take us back to Knightstown.

The stop came at the perfect time to let us get out and stretch our legs. It was pretty hard to keep Karter and Kaden contained for 22 minutes!!

To pass the time we let the boys try to walk the tracks...Kado needs a little practice actually walking on the track!

Once the engine was hooked back up, it was time to head back and stop at "Pumpkin Junction".

About halfway back to Knightstown they have a field that they have put a bunch of pumpkins and each kid gets to pick one to take home.

Karter is a very decisive boy and walked right over to the two he wanted (one for him and one for Kaden). I have no clue what I was doing!!

Karter had a blast on the train...

...and Gramaw and I had fun hanging out with the boys!!


Gramaw T said...

Fun day!!! Thanks for letting me tag along! Everyone needs to visit Pumpkin Junction...

Kyler said...

Looks like a fun time...your pose behind Karter and his pumpkin was probably the greatest moment of the trip.

Anique and Kamaron said...

Those boys just cuter by the minute...Looked like a fun time all around!