Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy 9 Months!!

Wow...time has flown by, today our baby boy is 9 months old!! Kaden has changed so much over the past month and is really turned into an active little boy. He is such a sweet, happy boy and has been a blessing to our family...and he has the cutest gummy grins!

Here is a list of what this active little guy is up to these days...
  • MOVING!! Kaden does not and will not sit still for more than 2 seconds. He is a super fast crawler and can definitely get to where he wants to go. He can pull up on just about anything that isn't moving and tries to reach things he's not supposed big brothers cars!
  • Kaden is finally adjusting to our move and sleeps pretty good at night. He takes a bath with Karter around 7:30 and after filling up his belly he is usually in bed by 8. On a good night we won't hear from him again until 7am, but most nights we have to go into his room and give him a pacifier once or twice. Naps are a different story! He will usually take a decent morning nap, but his afternoon nap is very short and then he gets cranky in the evenings. It is still a work in progress!
  • Kaden's best skill is probably his ability to eat! This boy can eat...and eats just about anything that is edible...even if it isn't edible he still tries to put it in his mouth! As soon as Kaden is strapped into his highchair he thinks that his food should be in front of him. He is always the first person to start eating and is usually still eating after everyone has left the table. We haven't food a food yet that he doesn't like! Not only can he eat, but he can drink like a champ too! About everyday he gets a sippy cup of diluted juice and he chugs it down like it is a competition!! In addition to his 3 meals and one sippy cup, he is also still nursing 3-4 times a day.
  • Kaden is a noisy little guy, he is always making some sort of noise with his mouth. He loves to say "da-da", blow bubbles, babble and laugh. It is so cute to watch his cute little mouth make fun noises!
  • We are always singing around the house and he has really picked up on it and has his own dance moves. It is adorable to watch him him shake his head or tush to music. His favorite songs are "pat-a-cake" and "itsy-bitsy spider"....he loves it when daddy sings those two songs to him!! He likes to clap along while daddy sings.
  • Since Kaden is such a mover, changing his diaper and clothes has become a battle everyday. Most of the time I am so worn out from chasing him around the living room that we both need a break when we are finished. I really miss having a changing table to contain him a little for diaper changes.
  • He is finally on the verge of getting his first 2 teeth! His two bottom teeth are just about to break through the gums. He is always running his tongue over them, I think he likes the way the little bumps feel.
  • Kaden is a big boy and is currently wearing all 12 month clothes and in somethings he could use an 18 month size. We are in between doctors right now (our old doctor didn't do a 9 month well baby), but according to Gramaw's scale Kaden weights 24.3 lbs!
Happy 9 months to our handsome baby boy!!


Kyler said...

Time is a-flying! Happy 9 months.

Gramaw T said...

He's PERFECT in every way!!! What a blessing he is!!!