Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Breakfast Guest

This morning we had a very special visitor at our house! Karter made sure our special friend had a place at the breakfast table and even wanted to help feed our visitor. And who was our special guest??

It was our good friend Teddy Bear! Karter's imagination was working overtime this morning and had a lot of fun playing with Teddy Bear. Everything he was doing, Teddy Bear had to do too...it was pretty darn cute!!

After breakfast he took Teddy Bear into the living room and started to read to him, he didn't want me to video it so I hid on the stairs so he couldn't see me. (I apologize for the quality...I think some little fingers have been touching the lens!) Make sure your volume is turned way up so you can hear him talk to Teddy Bear.

This next video Karter was a little more cooperative and let Gramaw video tape him reading another book to Teddy Bear.

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Kyler said...

And O is for Peaches...Haha. I am glad Karter has found a good friend.