Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bath Time Routine

We moved a month ago this week and I think we have all gotten settled and back into some of our old routines. We have tried to keep things as normal as possible for the boys. Obviously one of the biggest changes is that we get to see Gramaw and Papaw everyday, for the first few weeks whenever we told Karter is was bath time, this was the face we got....

...it was a big ordeal, because he thought we were going to leave. He has finally settled down and taking a bath is back to one of his favorite parts of the day.

Karter and Kaden take a bath together in one of the tubs upstairs. They love splashing and playing together!

One thing Karter isn't a big fan of is Kaden's ability to take things away from him!! He loves his brother, but I think he liked it a lot better before Kaden could move!

Karter loves to be wrapped up in his own big boy towel and walk around with it on his waist.
Kristoffer and I still alternate who gives the boys a bath and the other one gets PJs ready and takes Rascal out. One rule we have is that whoever gives the bath has to get Kaden dressed. He is so hard to get dressed that we didn't feel it was fair for one of us to always get that job!

When Karter is dressed he lines up all of his books and picks one out for Daddy to read to him.

After Kaden is all dressed he is on the move exploring Karter's room. Of course, on this particular night he had to attack me since I had the camera!
Once the boys are dressed, we say our nightly prayers and I take Kaden and feed him, while Karter and Daddy snuggle on Karter's couch and read a bedtime story. Bath time is my favorite time of day, and not just because we get to relax after the kids are in bed, but also because I love this time together as a family!!!


Gramaw T said...

You both are such terrific and PATIENT parents! I'm glad Kristoffer is taking such an active "Dad" role...love the photo of him dressing Kaden! They are both so snuggly in their jammies...cute!

Aunt Emmy said...

Love it!