Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This year our Karterman dressed up as a garden gnome for Halloween. He loved his costume and liked to look at himself in the mirror, but wasn't about to wear the itchy white beard that came with the costume.

Since Kaden isn't old enough to eat candy, we decided not to get him a costume this year. I was trying to get a shot of the boys together, but they were too fascinated in watching Rascie Pumpkin walk down the sidewalk to look at mama!

After Halloween last year we picked up this pumpkin costume for Rascal for $.99...he hates to wear it, but we think he looks hilarious! Karter kept running so Rasc would chase him and yell, "Rascie pumpkin is chasing me!"

We left Rascie Pumpkin at home and headed into church for their 1st annual Trunk or Treat. It was such a great idea, especially for us in the country that don't have that many neighbors.

Karter loved it, he really enjoyed telling people he was a garden gnome!

Kaden was happy in his stroller just people watching.

Karter always had his eye on the next stop for candy! His favorite phrase was "keep walking", he kept wanting more candy!

GranGran and Papaw Bud came down to see the boys, but Karter didn't like the idea of sharing his candy with her!

Gramaw and Papaw were there in costume to pass out candy, Papaw was a safari hunter and Gramaw was a (friendly) lion!

Kaden was fine watching every one dressed up until he saw Papaw...this picture is taken about 2 seconds before he started screaming!

Karter has been enjoying his stash of candy, and we learned the hard way on Monday the effects of a 2 year old and too much candy! We now try to limit his candy intake to 2-3 pieces a day, otherwise he is running around like a crazyman (even more than usual)! I would say we had a very successful Halloween...and he makes the cutest garden gnome I have ever seen!!


Gramaw T said...

Papaw may be using him as garden decoration next year! Cutest gnome I know!!

Anique and Kamaron said...

A gnome, that seems very original...Karterman definitely pulled it off well...loved it, very cute!!!

Emily said...

Love the last picture of Karter! Glad he had fun during Halloween this year.