Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas at the Zoo

A few weeks ago we mentioned to Karter that we were going to the zoo. However, he wasn't able to wrap his little 2 year old mind around the fact that we weren't going for a few weeks. Every day since then he has talked about the zoo and what we "must see".
He was so excited on Saturday when he woke up and we told him that the day had finally come! He was almost too excited to take a nap, since he knew when he woke up we would be going to Christmas at the zoo.

We met up with our friends, Craig & Jessica, and enjoyed looking at the beautiful Christmas lights, but Karter's favorite part was seeing all the animals. In typical Karter fashion, as soon as we saw one animal he would say, "next one". He doesn't understand getting your moneys worth!

As soon as Karter saw the walrus he asked, "does that walrus have a wig?". (That is from one of his books.)

Besides looking at the animals, Karter spent much of the night kicking snow around.

Kaden was snug as a bug in his stroller, just taking it all in!

One of the main attractions was Santa Claus. Just like last year, Karter was all about him until we actually got there.

Karter didn't ever cry, but he wasn't going to sit on Santa's lap.

He did sit next to him and tell him what he wanted for Christmas. (Balls, cars, trains, books and puzzles...the same thing he says every time we ask.)

Kaden on the other hand, sat on Santa's lap but did not like it one bit!

He continued his streak of not liking anyone wearing a hat (except Daddy).

I don't have any pictures of our favorite part, the dolphin show. Between being packed into the aquarium like sardines and having to juggle the kids, we were not able to take any pictures. The show was great and once it started it had the boys (and our) complete attention. Kristoffer said that they were the most athletic dolphins he had ever seen...it was really good!!

We are so glad we are living back in Indiana and get to spend more time with Craig and Jess! Thanks for a fun night!!


Gramaw T said...

Great photos...and a fun time was had by all!!! What a beautiful evening for Christmas at the Zoo!

Jess said...

We had a blast! It was great to see all of you! What's next?!
Love Jess

Kyler said...

The dolphin show is definitely awesome. We tried to take pictures in that place, but they turned out awful because of the lighting.