Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Elf

Karter is very excited about Christmas this year, and he is really into all of the decorations. Whenever we are driving at night, he loves to point out all the Christmas lights he sees along the way...he loves it when a house has a "Frosty". At home, he is as equally excited. Every morning his job is to turn the Christmas tree on...he loves his job, and takes it very seriously!
On Sunday Karter got to play the role of a Christmas Elf as he helped Daddy wrap my gifts! He has the perfect little finger to help with the ribbon, and I guess he found the tape and wanted to help with that...I try to hide the tape from him while I'm wrapping!

I wasn't allowed in the room they were wrapping in, but Terry snuck in to catch two of my cuties in action!

Kaden didn't like being left out, so when Gramaw went in to take a picture, he snuck in too!

After the boxes were wrapped, our little Christmas Elf would run the package out to put under the tree.

He took his job very seriously and had a lot of fun helping, but something he didn't take very seriously...not telling mommy what was in the boxes! He spilled the beans about one of them, but I can't wait until Christmas morning to open them all!!


Gramaw T said...

Cutest little Christmas elf I know!!! And Dana...you should know better than to pump a 2-year-old for information...shame on you! :)

Peggy said...

Sometimes it's really hard to keep a secret ... just ask Kara :)

Emmy said...

When it's time for me to wrap presents feel free to send Karter my way!