Monday, December 13, 2010

Great Grandparents!

One day last week our play date with some friends got cancelled, so we tagged along with Gramaw to have lunch with Papaw Bud and Gran-Gran. As you can see...Kaden was super excited to hang out with his "great" grandparents for awhile!

We had lunch at a small town restaurant in Hagerstown. Karter has been there only one time before, but he remembered his chocolate milk came in a cool cup!

Karter was busy most of the meal stealing chips from Gran-Gran's plate, and Kaden spent his lunch time smiling at Papaw Bud.

After lunch we went back to their house so Karter could get measured for his costume.

Karter is going to be in our church's live nativity next week, and he is going to get a custom made costume. (I think it is pretty neat that both of the boy's great grandma's do a lot of sewing!)

When he was finished getting measured, Karter didn't waste anytime digging into Gran-Gran's pile of toys. She had gotten a book in her cereal, and of course Karter was into reading it.

Kaden was feeling a little left out, and decided to join in...

...and then he was on to something else!

There were so many new things to get into, Kaden didn't know where to go next. Shortly after this picture was taken, the coffee table was cleaned off!

We love so many things about living in Indiana again, but being able to spend time with family is at the top of the list. It makes us so happy that our children will grow up knowing our grandparents!!


Gramaw T said...

Some great photos of some GREAT great-grandparents!!! I don't know who enjoyed it more...the boys or them!

Kara said...

Looks like a good time had by all! We're glad you're back in Indiana close to family too (and it sure beats being snowed in in Minnesota right now). :)