Friday, December 3, 2010

Closed Doors

This cute boy sure knows how to get in trouble! The thing is, he knows he's not suppose to be doing something, but does it anyway and then just flashes a cute grin to get himself out of trouble!

Lately we have had to try to contain the monster. One thing we had to do was put a gate at the bottom of the stairs.

Kaden has gotten REALLY good at climbing the stairs, and if you turn your back for a second he is at the top...giggling the entire time!!

The second thing we have had to do was make sure all of the doors are shut. If a door is left open he seizes the opportunity and makes a beeline for the door. If given the chance, he can often be found trying to eat Rascal's dog food, trying to climb up Gramaw's dresser, playing in the pantry or even (and I hate to admit this last one) playing in the toilet...gross!! It is true, yesterday someone left the bathroom door open and the toilet seat up and I found Kaden having a grand ol' time playing in the water. Needless to say I shrieked when I found him and did my best to disinfect his hands!!

He does not like that we try to stop him from having so much fun, and stands at the doors grunting...

...and then he tries to push even harder to get the door open.

Kaden is definitely keeping us on our toes around here, but how in the world can you get mad at such a cute (and drooly) face!!!

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Gramaw T said...

What a cute little imp he is!!! I love the drooly first picture...that is so Kado!!!