Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sunday morning we loaded up the van and headed down to Bloomington for the day. The purpose of the trip was to take in a basketball game, but we made a day of it and went early to spend some extra time with Kyler and Kara. It was so awesome to be back in B-town and taking in some of our favorite sites again. We may have mentioned on a few occasions how much fun it would be to live there, and also how much we love the town because it is where we feel in love!

We took in a lot of old sites, but Kristoffer was really excited to take in a new one too...Cook Hall. Besides checking out the new building, he was pretty excited to teach his sons about IU's basketball legacy...

...and showing them the National Championship Trophies.

Our seats were up in the balcony, but of course there isn't a bad seat in Assembly Hall. The balcony was only about half full, so it was nice to have plenty of room to move around and not have to climb over anyone.

Karter was in complete amazement most of the time. For the first 30 minutes he looked all around asking questions about everything and pointing out every IU that he saw.

Kaden was really good for most of the game and loved all the clapping! Whenever the crowd would clap he would look around, smile, and then start clapping too!

With about seven minutes left in the first half, Karter started to get a little antsy, so I asked him if he wanted some popcorn and a pop. Of course, he jumped at the opportunity to have a snack, but I started to rethink giving him his own pop. However, once you mention something to Karter he does not forget it, so no matter how hard I tried he was adamant about having the pop too. In the end, we got a popcorn and a pop...and I would do it all over again. He sat still for a long time eating his snack, and polished off half the popcorn by himself!

Kristoffer has always loved the 8 minute time out in the second half...

...and he wasn't disappointed this time either!

Kaden was such a good baby the whole game, but towards the end, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't stay awake.

The Hoosiers played great and blew South Carolina State out of the water, winning 102-60. We had a blast being on campus again, cheering on the hustling Hoosiers, and look forward to taking the boys to more games in the future! Thanks Kyler and Kara for a great day!!

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Gramaw T said...

Never too early to start grooming the boys for their college days! Maybe by the time they get there, IU will have returned to their basketball glory!!!