Monday, March 28, 2011

New Shoes For Mr. Chubby Feet

Kaden has the chubbiest little feet and we have been all over creation trying to find an affordable pair of shoes for him. The poor boy couldn't fit his big feet in any shoes I could find. Gramaw took pitty on the poor boy and decided to take him to a specialty children's shoe store in Muncie. The store was great, knowledgeable sales staff, tons of shoes, and toys to entertain big brother!

To start off our salesman measured Kado's foot...size 5 1/2 EEE. He has extra, extra wide wonder we couldn't find any shoes at a regular store!!!

When your feet are 5 1/2 EEE, your options are very limited! But we did find two really cute pairs for him.

He wasn't sure what to think when he first had them on. He sat down and pulled on them and gave us this look like, "what in the world did you put on my feet!"

We got a brown pair and a pair of tennis shoes, the woman said they would hopefully last through the summer! We are hoping his feet will slim down with all the walking running he's doing now!!!

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