Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweet Boy

You wouldn't know it by looking at these pictures, but yesterday morning Kaden was a GRUMP!! He has been battling a little tummy issue for the past four days, and it has made for some bad moods and interesting diaper changes. Lets just say, yesterday morning I had to change his crib sheet 3 times before 10 am!! (Why are crib sheets always a tad too small!?)

Since it had been going on so long, I called the doctor and she said not to worry unless it goes on for 7 full days. She instructed me to put him on a high starch diet and limit his fruits until he is back to normal. She said to make him lots of pasta, mashed potatoes and mac & cheese...too bad I wasn't put on the same diet!

He was loving his pasta lunch yesterday and it really cheered him up. Karter thought Kaden was feeling better and said I should take his picture! When Karter says that I should take a picture, I better listen!!

He even let me take one of him!! Karter cracks me up...when Kaden had spaghetti all over his face he said, "lets call him spaghetti face"! He thought it was pretty funny too!!

"Please mama, no more pictures!"
Look close at that picture and you can see his 5th tooth popping through on the top...that doesn't help his attitude some days!
I'm ready for Kaden to feel better and get back to his sweet self. He is turning in to quite to lover...he gives great hugs, likes to snuggle up in my lap (briefly) and gives kisses when you ask! Here is a little self video I made last week of my little lover...

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Gramaw T said...

They don't get any sweeter! Love my sweet thing!