Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eat or Sleep!?

The boys are always worn out on Monday's. Getting back to our normal weekly routine is sometimes hard after a fun weekend with Daddy. Yesterday we did our normal routine (of going to the Y and Krogering!), but Kaden was dragging most of the morning. During lunch the poor boy couldn't decide if he should eat or sleep. He was eating really good (and being his normal demanding/noisy eater), so I got up to clean the kitchen. When it got quiet I turned around to find out why...and he was sleeping!! This was something that he has never done before....he loves to eat too much!!

Karter thought it was hilarious that Kaden was asleep in his chair, so he had to "sleep" too!

I couldn't resist taking a little video of Kaden. He was so funny eating while he was sleeping!!


Gramaw T said...

That is SO CUTE!!! Slow-motion eating...not normally Kaden's style. Wonderful that you were able to capture the moment!

Jess said...

Too cute! Made me laugh!

Kyler said...

That is absolutely hilarious.

Kara said...

I. LOVE. THIS. VIDEO. It's good even the 20th time around. Thanks for the laughs :)