Monday, April 4, 2011

Children's Museum

While Aunt Emmy was on spring break last week, she decided to spend one day with us. Before Aunt Emmy and Gramaw headed south the Florida, we went to the Children's Museum in Muncie for a little fun. It is a pretty small museum, but actually the perfect size for the boys. It worked out great, we got there right when it opened, so there weren't very many people, and Karter and Kaden pretty much got to walk where ever they wanted. They both loved the same two exhibits...the trains and the fishing boat. Below are a few of the (150!) pictures Gramaw took during the 2 hours we were there!!

He has talked about going fishing every day...I think Daddy has a new fishing buddy!

Kaden checking out "Tuck".

If you don't know who Tuck should really watch Wonder Pets...haha!!

Next to the semi Kaden looks really little, but I think in this picture he looks so old!

We could have spent all day at the wooden train set and the boys would have been happy! Maybe we should go visit cousin Jonah!?

Of course Kaden found the one exhibit that had balls!

What a fun morning exploring something new with Aunt Emmy!!

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Aunt Emmy said...

Thanks for letting me share a day with you and the boys!