Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mommy's Little Helper

This weekend I baked up a couple batched of cupcakes to take for the kids at church. I love to bake, but even better I love that most things I bake don't sit around here to tempt me! As much as I love to bake, I also love having Karter in the kitchen with me.

Karter was in charge of the sprinkles and he was pretty excited to open them up. He looked real closely at the label on the bottle (that had the sprinkles in a bowl) and said, "this says that we need to put them in a bowl first." So of course, we had to put them in a bowl!!
His second official title was taste taster!!

He thought it was funny that he had some on his lip.

He was so cute trying to like it off.

Once we got to the sprinkles I was too busy trying to make sure he didn't dump the entire bottle on the cupcakes to take any pictures. Just imagine sprinkles everywhere and each cupcake at its fair share on top!

He thought our end result was pretty tasty!

Kaden woke up just in time to have his own cupcake. (Can you tell he's been sleeping!?)

He wastes no time diving right in.

And laughing at big brother (bubba) being silly!


I love my little helpers!!!

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Gramaw T said...

Those are some sweet little helpers, for sure!