Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Barber Shop

The last go around for the boys haircuts I did them all on different days, which meant I had to clean up all of their little hairs 3 different times. So this time I wised up and cut Karter and Kaden's hair on the same day.

The key for success with Kaden is to work fast!! He loved his juice and sucker (first time he had ever had one), but he still didn't like to be contained for too long. It was only his second haircut, but he did great and let me do my job. Big brother Karter was a great helper too!

After Kaden got cleaned up, it was Karter's turn. The key for success for Karterman is always the promise of "ice cream" (aka, a frozen fruit cup) if he let me cut his hair. He also insists that I use the black scissors, because the orange ones are the bad ones...whatever that means!!

It was a little more interesting keeping Kaden occupied while I cut Karter's hair. He was definitely playing with some of the clippings and required a second bath to clean him up...I didn't mind as long as he was occupied and safe!

Nothing like enjoying your reward in your undies!!

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Kyler said...

Quite the patient barber. Interestingly, Mom never let me enjoy a barber shop reward in my undies with Barber Ed.