Monday, April 18, 2011

Cute Treats For The Good News Club

For the past 5 or 6 weeks I have been making snacks for The Good News club at Shenandoah that our church does after school. Last Tuesday was their last meeting, so I decided to make some fun insect cookies for the kids.

A project like this takes a few days to actually do, so I had to find a place to keep the cookies out of every ones way. "Luckily" we have the piano in the computer room to put the cookies so they can dry.
After the base icing was dry, I put on some finishing touches and allowed them to dry. The flowers are always my favorite!

The ladybugs were a new cutter that I got, and I think they turned out really cute.

With this order I tried out a lot of new techniques...I thought if I messed up, the kids wouldn't really care and still eat the cookies!! Most of the new techniques worked really well, and I will definitely be doing them a lot more.

They all turned out so cute when they were plated together. I was told that the kids really enjoyed their special treats!

Over the next few weeks I have a lot of projects I am going to be working on with Easter and Mother's Day coming up...check back next week for some of my Easter cookies!! I love decorating cookies, and I really wish my Grandma Tomaw was alive to see what I am doing and give me some advice. I wish I had paid more attention when I was growing up in the bakery.


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Yvonna said...

Great job, great to see we still have a baker in the family.

Sherry said...

Super cute cookies...they make me hungry! They look professional. We should have just hired you instead of the bakery at CH!!!