Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Easter Egg of a Different Kind

Last Thursday night, Kim and Terry were out for the night and the four of us were enjoying some quality time, just the four of us. I was in the kitchen working on some cookies, Kristoffer was at the counter next to me and the boys were playing in the dinner...when suddenly we heard a big thud followed by Kaden screaming. Kaden has NO FEAR when it comes to anything and we are constantly telling him to not stand up in the diner, and last week he stood up and fell off head first into a dining room chair. Kristoffer picked him up while I continued what I was doing. He brought Kaden over and told me to look at Kaden's head. I didn't look right away, because he falls all the time and I've smooched his head many times....BUT this was no average fall! Kristoffer insisted that I really should look at his head, and I was instantly sick to my stomach when I saw the goose egg that had popped up on poor Kado's head.

He was pretty hysterical for about five minutes, but then we gave him a cup of juice and he answered with his cute "tank ooo" (thank you)!! We kept a close eye on him until bedtime, and thankfully he didn't seemed phased by it. And it didn't teach him a lesson either...the very next day he was standing up again!!


Lauren said...

Oh Man!!! OUCH!!!!!!!!!! Poor little guy!!!!

Kyler said...

That is quite the mark...I am glad he rebounded quickly so he could play with Uncle Kyler.