Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

Easter is always a fun, action packed day. Ours started pretty early, we tried to get up early so we could get all ready before the boys woke up and all the fun started!

The tricky Easter Bunny hid eggs all over the living room...

...on the stairs...

...and even on the tractors!

Karter was the first to wake up, but he was a little confused why we were both coming into his room, why we flipped the light on, and why I kept taking his picture.

Then he remembered it was Easter!!

Kaden wasn't quite awake yet, but Karter was excited to tell him that the Easter Bunny had come and he needed to get up!

Luckily, he generally wakes up pretty happy!

Karter was the first to spot the baskets, and quickly ran to dig into them!

Diving right in!!

Both of the boys got some super cool new shades! (Kaden just doesn't like his yet.)

After looking at all their new was time to move on to the egg hunt.


Karter is at such a fun age, and he was all about finding the eggs...he shook them all to make sure something was inside.

Kaden wasn't really into finding the eggs, but he was all about opening them and eating the contents!!

After the egg hunt is when the day started to fast forward a little bit. By the time we were all dressed and ready for the Sunrise Service, we didn't have time to get a picture of our family all dressed up. We had a great church service and delicious breakfast at church. I took my camera to church, but unfortunately didn't take a single picture. :(

I haven't really blogged about it, but for the last four months I have been the Children's Worship Director at church. It is such a rewarding position and I work with a fantastic group of children eager to learn more about God. For Children's Worship this week I planned an Easter Egg hunt throughout the church, but instead of putting candy inside, I made Resurrection Eggs. It was a lot of work ( I made 24 dozen), but at the end of our worship I could see it made a difference in the kids life. It was such a fun way to teach them the true meaning of Easter. This was the first week Karter went back to Children's Worship and he was eating it up!! He has been talking about everything he learned all day!! The more Karter learns, the more I can see his love for Jesus grow...what a truly amazing thing!!!

After an awesome morning worshiping our Risen Savior, we went to Gran-Gran and Papaw Bud's for a delicious meal and fellowship with family. Check back later this week for more pictures from our Easter celebration...


Gramaw T said...

What fun years! And what cute little boys! So glad we were able to share Easter with you for the first time this year...
Love you all!

Jess said...

What a beautiful (and handsome) family! Glad you had a good Easter! You are inspirational parents!