Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Latest Sweet Treats

Even with the move and trying to get settled, I have still been finding time to stay busy in the kitchen baking up some sweet treats. While I've taken the time to make the yummy things, sometimes I have really slacked on documenting them. A week or so before the move I made a big Smurfs cupcake tower and forgot to take any pictures of it or the process, and then for Christmas (along with moving) I made over 6 dozen cookies to take to different family gatherings...and again, didn't take one picture of any of them! Here are a few (not so good) shots of the things I have made in the past month....

A wonderful woman at church always has a birthday celebration for Jesus with her family on Christmas, and this year she asked me to make a cake for her!


My Grandpa collects Oliver tractors, so I decided to make him some cookies for Christmas. I asked around to try and find out his favorite, and I guess he has always wanted a Super I made him his very own Oliver Super 66!


Keeping with the cookie gift theme, my Uncle Matt likes Harley Davidson's and I made him a collection for Christmas.


We had a NYE party at our house this year, and at the last minute I decided to make some cookies for the event. Our niece and nephew were visiting and I have a hard time resisting their cuteness when they want to help Aunt Dana in the kitchen!!


A boy from our church was turning 8 and his mom asked me to create an Alvin and the Chipmunks cupcake tower for him. This is what it looked like here, they arranged some of the Alvin figurines around it at the party and it turned out really cool!


Last weekend Kim & Terry had a cabin warming party and asked me to create some cabin related cookies for them. Of course, I had to try to make one look like the cabin!

I ended up with about 90 cookies and arranged them on two platters, but I only took a picture of one platter. I think one of my NY resolutions should have been to be better at taking pictures....more pictures and better pictures!


Lauren said...

AMAZING cookies!!! I would think the motorcycle ones would be hard to pull off but yours look so realistic! And those "tree" ones are gorgeous! I can't wait until you open your own business ;-)

Your favorite MIL said...

Thank you so much for the cute cabin variety! Love them all...and they were yummy too!