Thursday, September 6, 2012


For obvious reasons, this fall we have not committed ourselves to a lot of extracurricular activities.  Besides taking Karter to school twice a week, we don't have to leave the house that often!  One thing we sadly had to give up was BSF.  I really loved going last year, but thought the study would be too difficult for me to keep up with this year.  Unfortunately, that means that the boys don't get to participate in the children's program either.  Last year was so enriching in all of our lives, and I loved watching their love for God grow each week.  I was glad when we heard about the AWANA program offered at a look church in Middletown 1 night a week that the boys could both participate in.  It is an added bonus that it is in the evening and Kristoffer can help get the boys to and from each week!

The first night the boys were super excited, but I was very nervous to leave them with people that I did not know at all!  Of course, living in a small town, they know all about me and our family (and proceed to tell Karter how they know all his aunts and uncles)....but I hadn't met them a day in my life!! all turned out fine and the boys had a fantastic time and couldn't wait to come home and share what was in their bags!  Kaden's program is a bit more relaxed, but Karter's requires encourages that he memorize 3 Bible verses each week and do daily activities.  

Here is one of the Bible verses Karter had to memorize the first week.....

As soon as I stopped recording Karter, Kaden started saying it too!  All of the time we had spent helping Karter, I didn't realize Kaden had even paid any attention....what a blessing from God that Kaden has that desire to learn it too (and copy Bubby!)!

This was taken a couple weeks ago, and Kado has gotten very good at it and proudly says....
"This is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice for our sins.  1 John 4:10"
...and waits for his cheers!

It is so fun to hear them recount what they have learned and to see their excitement to go back each week!!

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