Sunday, September 2, 2012

Colts Extravaganza (Part I)

A GUEST POST SERIES BY:  Kristoffer Gray

Football season is upon us.  And while Dana prepares to be a football widow for the next four-plus months, I prepared by taking in all I could regarding the Colts.  This is Part I of a three part series - of three big Colts events that I have been to over the past three weeks.

 I have been a Colts fan for as long as I can remember:  think Jeff George, Eric Dickerson, and Ken Dilger.  After over a decade of incredible years of winning and Super Bowls and consistency, this is a year of change.  My brother-in-law Zach and I went to Colts Training Camp in Anderson on August 5th - to check out the new team.

There were some familiar faces - like Dwight Freeney or Robert Mathis (teaser for Part III)...and Austin Collie and Reggie Wayne pictured below.

But there were even more new faces and names and jersey numbers to learn.  Like...Andrew Luck - our new quarterback.  And almost an entirely new offensive line to protect our expensive investment...

And Coby Fleener - one of our two tight ends that we drafted this year.  In my opinion, he is the second most-talented of the two...but we will see how the season plays out.

Watching Andrew Luck practice brought me back to my early fan years of 1998 - Peyton's first year.  Peyton was (and still is) my football idol, and I really looked up to him as a player learning how to play quarterback myself.  But...after watching Andrew practice (and play - teaser for Part II), he will have a fantastic career.  I mean...look at that form!

I am excited for a new season to KICK-OFF!!!  

Check back soon for Part II of my COLTS EXTRAVAGANZA!!

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