Friday, September 28, 2012

New Kicks

When the weather turned cooler and jeans started to become part of the boys wardrobe again, we quickly noticed our fat-footed boy Kaden had no shoes!  We had plenty of hand-me-downs from Karter and hoped they would fit, but his feet haven't slimmed down at all and no matter how hard we tried they were not going to work.  So I finally bit the bullet and took him to our favorite children's shoe store.  Indeed, he is still our fat-footed boy....10 extra wide!!

Kaden picked out a cool pair of brown shoes and another pair of tennis shoes.  Karterman could still fit into his brown shoes from last year, so he just picked out an "awesome" pair of tennis shoes (size 12).  He picked out bright yellow because the runners on the Olympics and Uncle Zach have yellow shoes!

I have learned since purchasing these shoes, that new tennis shoes make you run "super fast".  Unfortunately, this is not true in my case, so it must just be something in the cuteness of little boy shoes!

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Gramaw T said...

That second picture is so cute...well, the first one is too! I want some super-fast tennis shoes too...
Love you all!