Friday, September 14, 2012

The Countdown Is On....26 DAYS!!

In just under 4 weeks our precious girls will be here!  We are down to weekly ultrasounds and appointments, and thankfully everything seems to be progressing and developing beautifully.  Last week, both girls were measuring right around 5lbs...that is a whole lot of baby in there!!!  This past week, my back (that has been hurting terribly for the past 2 months) miraculously healed!!  I credit daily prayer and some exercises recommended by our Physical Therapist brother in-law.  However, with my back healed, I have picked up some hip pain...but that is to be expected when I try to make a lunging catch of a little boy who was flying off a swing...who is fine by the way and thought the whole incident was funny!  

The boys ask daily when their sisters will be here, so the other day Karter made a paper chain to countdown the days!  I love seeing how excited they are for the girls (even though they don't quite understand how their lives are going to change....but do any of us?!), they are going to be fantastic big brothers in 26 days!!!


Gramaw T said...

Those little girls sure are going to be blessed with two wonderful big brothers!!! Gramaw is anxiously counting down too!

Anique and Kamaron said...

I know you posted this last week but we are looking forward to welcoming the girls to the family...and are counting down too (maybe just me-Anique). Love you guys!