Thursday, September 27, 2012

Games on the TV

I'm pretty sure I've told you all before, but our boys have the best daddy!  For the past few months, after dinner has been "daddy time"...and the boys love it (and so does mommy!).  Daddy does fun stuff that mommy doesn't during the wrestle, throw them in the air, and play games on the TV!  Lately we have been alternating between board games and games on the TV (the Wii).

While Karter will sit and play a full game of Battleship or Sorry!, Kaden's attention span is much better suited for the pace of games on the TV...and he takes his games pretty seriously.  

They usually play fruit slice, surfing (wake boarding), 100 pin bowling, sword fighting and lately they are really into all the characters on Mario Cart.

A few weeks ago Kristoffer had something to do at bedtime (fantasy football draft), so we gave them an early bath and then played games until bedtime...

Karter has mad boxing skills....

I love watching all my boys playing games on the TV!!

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Gramaw T said...

Cute videos of some cute boys! I love Kaden's happy hands and Karter's mouth gestures!!! Love my boys too!