Friday, March 13, 2009

A Couple of Firsts

Our family has a couple of motto's - "Go big or go home" and "Everyday is an adventure". The later of the two is definitely true in our household. With an almost 9 month old (gasp!), you never know what each new day is going to hold. Karter learned this past week that being a big boy comes with a price...if you stand on wobbly legs, eventually you will fall down!

Besides putting outlet covers on each outlet, we aren't doing any extreme baby proofing in our house. We believe that this is Karter's home too, and he needs to learn what he can and can't have, as well as what may hurt him (of course we watch him and won't let him get too hurt!). Sunday morning, he found out that the coffee table edge will hurt him. He didn't fall very hard and it didn't really even bother him, but it got his nose! Karter has his fist ouchie! It's a small cut on his nose, but it is the first one he has had.

You can't really see the cut in this picture, I just thought it was cute!

Also on Sunday, another first happened. Karter said his first word...da-da!! Of course he doesn't know the real meaning of what he is saying, but don't tell Kristoffer that! Karter now crawls around the house saying da-da all the time, he is so proud!! Here is a video of him just showing off. He is showing hi ability to stand, talk, turn pages in a book and find things in the book! Enjoy...

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Grandma T said...

Love the video! He's fascinated by the page-turning...and so smart!
Love you all!