Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yesterday, Karter and I went down to meet our newest friends, 3-week old twins, Arianna and Brynn! It was great to see there parents, Yo & Sherry, too! It is amazing how quickly you forget what it is like to hold a newborn! Karter is 20+lbs and these little beauties are both about 8lbs, Karter never weighed 8lbs!

This is beautiful Brynn, she is staring at her mama!

Proud mama Sherry feeding Brynn. I helped out a little and fed Arianna at the same time. Karterman got a little jealous when his mama was holding another baby!

This is adorable Ari! Congratulations Johann and Sherry, we can't wait to come down and play again! You are always welcome to play at our house too!

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