Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Fun with My Boys!

This weekend was great! We didn't have any plans, besides going to church, and we were able to hang out at home for some quality time together. The weather was so beautiful on Saturday, that we spent most of the day outside! We broke out Karter's first baseball cap to block the sun from his eyes...don't my boys look so cute in their hats!! While we were outside, we cleaned out the garage and Karter's closet. Most of Karter's baby toys and clothes are now packed up and stored in the garage. After we were done cleaning, and napping on Karter's end, we loaded Karter up and went for a long walk around town, stopping for a little swinging at the park! It was a fun relaxing day.

Sunday was just as fun! We went to church in the morning, but our kids are on spring break this week and we didn't have Sunday School or youth group. It was a rare Sunday for us to have an afternoon free. Before leaving town, we stopped for our weekly Target run and picked Karter up a portable booster seat. It is a great seat that will come in handy when we eat out, go camping or visit Grandma Vicky and need a highchair. We decided to give it a test run when we got home and gave Karter his snack in his new chair. He decided to share with Daddy...

It was a little too windy on Sunday to go for a walk outside, so we decided to take one inside!

Karter got this walker for Christmas, but hasn't been able to use it until recently.

It takes a lot of concentration to walk!

Sometimes he would fall down, but he would immediately pull himself back up!

"Watch out mama, I'm coming to get you!"

I love spending the weekend with my boys!


Grandma T said...

Next weekend Auntie Em and I will be there! :) Can't wait! Karter's changed in the last 2 weeks...little scoot!

Love you all!

Sherry said...

Very cool that he uses the walked. Hopefully once our nice weather comes back he can use the one from us outside too!! Can't wait to see you guys again. Perhaps some day soon we can make a trip to Hampton!