Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mr. Independent

Everyday Karterman is becoming more and more independent. He definitely has an opinion on things and will gladly let you know when things aren't going the way he wants. This is most true during meal time. He has always been very interested in what we are eating and have always given him little tastes. However, now all he wants to do is feed himself!

He is really good at eating almost every table food, except some fruit and veggies. So, while I would like for him to be on table foods completely, I am very worried that he isn't getting enough fruits and veggies. I'm not quite to the level of worry I was back in July when I started pumping, but it still concerns me. Right now he eats a container of vegetables or fruit and then table food/self feeding baby food. By the time he finishes the fruit/veg he is getting tired of mama feeding him! Gerber makes a great line of self feeding foods like yogurt melts, fruit puffs, pasta pickups, lil' crunchies (think Cheetos for babies) and freeze dried fruits. He does really well with all of those, but I am still looking for other ideas of things to feed him. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


Joscelynn said...

Cut bananas are a big hit with Jonah. They're still our fall-back food.

Terry said...

QUIT WORRYING!!! I've never seen a healthier, more energetic, robust little guy! Keep offering them to day he'll start eating them...ON HIS OWN TIME TABLE! The child has a mind of his own, doesn't he?!

You are a super Mom!

Love you!