Friday, March 6, 2009

New Cup, New Goal

Karter got a new sippy cup this week. The spout on his new cup is designed a little bit more like that of a bottle, and he drinks out of it much easier. Now that he has a new cup, we have a new goal. We plan to start introducing cow's milk into his diet at the beginning of May, with the hopes of having a full transition by the end of May. We have a lot of trips planned for this summer, and mommy doesn't really want to have to bring the pump along!

The first step in this LONG process is to let Karter know that milk will be coming from his sippy cup. He gets milk four times a day, and starting this week, one of those times he gets the milk in his cup. On Monday, he flat out refused to drink out of his sippy cup, he knew the milk was in there but didn't want the cup. Now, he is drinking almost all of the milk when offered. It will be a long road...

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