Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buzz Cut

This past weekend it was time for Karter to have another haircut. His hair grows so fast and is super cute when it is long, but he runs around so much he gets all sweaty.

He was so good throughout the whole thing...well as long as he had his popsicle! Daddy occupied him while I cut his hair. With this being our second time, I think we did a much better job!

Karter was a HUGE mess when it was all over, he had popsicle drippings all over his body with hair stuck to it. Luckily it was bath time right after!


Grandma T said...

Good planning! I especially love the last photo, where he has popsicle slobber trails running down his chest. Can't wait to see our Tunkin (you too, Dana!)!!!
Love you!

Jess said...

Haircut looks great! Just wanted to send our late congratulations on the big news! Yay for another boy! Your family has been in my prayers. Take care.
Love Jess

Anique and Kamaron said...

For some reason that haircut looks very familiar...all the gray men including my Kamaron sport it! ;) He is just such a cutie working away at that popsicle while you were cutting!