Friday, September 4, 2009

Two Things

It is no secret that Karter and I love to go to the zoo, this summer we have taken advantage of our annual membership and have gone every couple of weeks. The fun thing about the zoo is that you never know what the animals are going to be doing that day. This week we went with our good friend Martha, and saw something we hadn't ever seen before....the tigers close up! Every other time we have been there the tigers have been lounging off somewhere in the shade and we couldn't get a very good look at them. This was a rare treat to see them so close up. It was kind of creepy too, because the male tiger just kept pacing back and forth. Karterman loved watching them though!

Earlier this week when I posted about the garden, apparently I left something out! My gardener was not pleased that I left out our most plentiful crop, the raspberries. Last month we enjoyed eating fresh raspberries and our freezer is stocked with over 10 quart for us to enjoy all winter. With some of our frozen berries we have already made scones and sauce for ice cream, next we are hoping to make a pie!

1 comment:

Terry said...

Oh, no...that big cat is WAY too close to my Tunkin! He's not scared of anything, is he?

And...I can see the pride in Kristoffer's eyes. Nice berries, son! Trying to compete with your Daddy? Or is he trying to compete with you??

Have fun in KC!