Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Trip

For the long weekend, we loaded up our family and headed south to Kansas City, MO to visit Kristoffer's brother, Kamaron, and his wife, Anique. We made it into town around lunch time on Saturday, and were eager to start our tour of KC.

Anique had to work on Saturday, so Kamaron was our tour guide. We started off with a stop by Hallmark, to check out where he works.

It was neat for us to check out Hallmark's headquarters, because we have only been to Target and 3M...and Hallmark is completely different than both of those.

As with any company, Hallmark is very proud of their company and have Gold Crowns just about everywhere. These are pretty neat looking chandeliers!

Next we stopped by the Crown Center and checked out a cool art exhibit where everything was made of Lego's.

Next on our walking tour of downtown was Union Station. It is such a big and beautiful building that you can just imagine back in the day was booming with travelers.

Karter enjoyed being able to get out of his carrier for awhile and stretch his legs. Of course, his favorite part was pointing out all the trains he saw!

This was just some random thing by the farmers market we went to, but it was too cute not to post!

After exploring downtown, we went to visit Anique at work, The Arabia Steamboat Museum.
She just recently started working at the museum as a tour guide and we were all anxious to hear the story.

We had a little bit of time to kill before our tour, so Karterman started acting goofy with a coon skin cap!

Anique is a fantastic tour guide and the story is so fascinating, but I don't want to share much for those of you who have yet to see the museum in person!

The tour was too much for Karterman and he passed out!

The amount of things that were found on the Arabia is fascinating, here is just a small section of the dinnerware that was found.

We both thought the craziest thing was the amount of shoes that were discovered.

No trip to KC is complete without some Kansas City BBQ. Kamaron said the best place for BBQ is Oklahoma Joe's and the original is in a gas station. We tried to eat at the original, but the line out the door made us want to try a different place. You know it has to be good when the line is that long!

Luckily for us, there is a second location. This one is a little bigger and more of a sit down restaurant, and located a little further out in the suburbs in Olathe, Kansas. We still had to wait in line for probably 20 minutes, but was hands down the best BBQ we have ever had!

We stayed in a hotel just a few miles away from their apartment, and our Sunday started off with my boys watching SportsCenter in bed!

Kamaron and Anique fixed us a delicious breakfast and then it was off to church. They have already found a new church home and have started to make a lot of friends there. Unfortunately, I can't tell you how most of the service was, because I spent most of it in the nursery with a restless Karter!

Sunday after church we went to the church's annual picnic. It was at a very nice park not far from their apartment, and Karter loved playing frisbee with Uncle Kamaron! We spent Sunday afternoon relaxing at their place and then went out for pizza and ice cream.

On Monday Anique had to work again, and we wanted to see a few more things before we left, so Kamaron took us down to The Plaza to walk around a little bit.

Karter was such a trooper all weekend and was completely worn out by the end of the trip. Unfortunately for us, he didn't sleep very much on the way home, but he is making up for the lack of sleep today! We had such a great trip, spending time with Kamaron and Anique. Thank you so much for having us!


Terry said...

What a great getaway for you all! Love the scarecrow photo...Karter seemed to love it too! Thanks for sharing your adventures. Love you all!

Kyler said...

Glad you guys had a great trip! The picture of Karter in the coonskin hat is priceless.

Emily said...

Looks like fun! Karter is getting SO big! Can't wait to see you soon.

Anique said...

We had such a great time with you all. Karter is so much fun to play with...he's just getting so big so fast! Thanks for making the trip we really enjoyed bumming around with you all and we hope to make a visit up to you guys before it gets undriveable up there! Love you all!

Kamaron said...

Dana...you did a great job taking pictures. You really captured the important moments very well!!!!

Thanks for coming down. We loved spending time with all of you.