Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Videos of Karter

This video is just mainly of Karter acting goofy! I was trying to get him to showoff a little, but he doesn't like to perform when we ask him too.

We tried again that night when Daddy got home, but ended up with the same result!

On Sunday we were all playing outside and Kristoffer had the sprinkler running. Karter was playing over by the water spout and when he turned around we realized that he was soaking wet. Then he thought it would be fun to play with Daddy in the sprinkler...with his clothes on!

Sunday Karter was having a lot of meltdowns, especially when we would tell him no. This was right after dinner and we decided he needed to go to bed already. This is a trick he does all the time. Whenever he is acting tired, I just ask him if he is ready for bed and he runs right in!


Grandma T said...

Big smile on my face! Those are precious! I especially love the one with the sprinkler...he's not sure what to think about the whole thing. And the bedtime one...too cute! Oh, I can't wait to see him!!!
Love you all!

Zach and Emily said...

LOVE these! Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend.

Anique said...

That is hysterical! He walks off to his bedroom w/ his bat still in hand. Thanks for sharing the videos...its so much fun to see how he's developing!