Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun in Red Wing

Saturday morning we loaded up our cars and headed to Red Wing to have some fun. Kaden decided it was time to eat as soon as we got into town, so we went to the largest park we have ever seen to let Jonah and Karter play on the "toys".

The playground was a huge hit with both of the boys, but there was a little incident when it was time to go...apparently they didn't think that 1 hour was enough time to play!

After drying a few tears, we headed back downtown to explore a little bit. Karter and Jonah thought they knew the way...

...but Kristoffer took over to help guide them in the right direction!

The Red Wing Show Store has the "World's Largest Boot" on display....size 638 1/2!!

The boys enjoyed the museum and playing dress up.

After all of this play, we were all ready for some lunch. Check back later this week to see all the fun we had Saturday afternoon!


Emily said...

Karter and Jonah looked like they had a great time together! Glad you guys had fun...oh and that's one big boot!!!

Kyler said...

Looks like a fun time....and 1 hour is never enough time!